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Start with your parents.  Locate your Grandparents and their Grandparents.  The past is waiting to be found.  Find your past today.

Family Trees

Get a visual representation of your family tree.  Family trees are great representations of a family lineage.  We are all just leaves on a tree.  Lets get to the roots of your past.

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Sit down and write out what you know about your family's past.  Ask relatives what they know.  Gather any documents and pictures you may have. 

Then call Heritage Search for a complete and detailed search for your family's roots.

Experience matters


James Lautenbacher is a professional investigator.  Having spent a lifetime in Law Enforcement and Corporate Security Mr. Lautenbacher brings a world of experience to your family's search for ancestors.

Experience like this provides you with quick and through searches  in your quest to find the past. 


Thirty years in law enforcement and corporate security.

Nine years teaching criminal justice at the college level.

Holds a B.A. in Criminal Justice and a Master of Public Policy Management in International Criminal Justice.

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Everyone has a history. Let us document yours.

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