I am pleased to announce the opening of Heritage Search.. Heritage Search is a Genealogical company that searches out past family ties and lineages.  Have you ever wondered about your ancestral past?  Did your ancestors take part in the revolution that started the nation?  Or did they take part in the effort to preserve the Union?  Are there stories told around the dinner table that you would like to find out if they are true?  

Heritage Search can help you in that journey.  Let us find your ancestors and provide you with a detailed report, along with a family history chart.  There are more options available to you.  

Find out more at LautenbacherInvestigations.com.


  • We all have a past, let Heritage Search uncover yours.


Did you know Valentine's Day is less than a month away? Want a gift idea that spans the ages? Consider an ancestry search. Help your loved one discover their heritage through a Genealogical search. Its amazing what can be found in your past. Its quick and easy to get started. Let HERITAGE SEARCH find your past. Learn about family that may have fought in the War for Independence or maybe World War One. Find the key to why you are you or why you wound up living where you live. Contact HERITAGE SEARCH at jameslautenbacher@hotmail.com to get started. 

Anyone contracting for a Genealogical search prior to February 14, 2019 will received a discount of 50% off professional fees. Contact us for details, or go to lautenbacherinvestigations.com for more information.

Your past awaits you.

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